Barber of Seville

Figaro – the Barber of Seville (image: Christoper Bremner-Macdonald)

Rossini’s much loved romantic comedy tours towns in regional Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia from March-May 2018. 

Tickets are on sale now!



Co-Opera believes that it’s all about the music and the experience, so we aim for you to be as comfortable as possible. Our preferred venue is one that allows cabaret style seating and for people to enjoy some cheese and wine or a picnic as they watch the show. Depending on your town and facilities, you may wish to host us in a conventional theatre – which we love! We are also delighted to perform outdoors (weather permitting) and have helped towns create unforgettable events under the stars or the sun. Many people like to make a special night of it and dress up, but it’s completely up to you!


In regional Australia, Co-Opera audiences can be anybody. It is not at all unusual for audiences to drive in from further afield especially for the show and bring the whole family – granny to kids! Typically, our audiences range in size from 120-500 but each town and region is different.
Co-Opera productions are accessible, fun, and for everyone. Our productions emphasise the everyday nature of the heroes (and villains) of the stories, and remind us that nothing beats a great story. There’s not even a whiff of stuffy or formal about it. You can come in your thongs or in your pearls – whatever feels natural to you.
If your town is lucky enough to host an outdoor show you will discover how amazing it is to watch the sunset and the show lights rise. We don’t even mind when little kids get excited and want to join in. For us – it’s the more the merrier. Co-Opera’s artists always make a point of meeting (and sometimes staying) with the locals, and end up with new friends at every stop.


Co-Opera welcomes the participation of local community choirs, or school groups in productions whenever we can. If your town would like to get involved in the performance, talk to us about how we can make it happen! In cases where we can work with choirs or school groups, we always make sure you are prepared in advance and that once we arrive there is time to rehearse with you so that everything goes smoothly.